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Believe in


be the best that you can be


in two weeks

you will feel it

in four weeks

you will see it

in eight weeks

you will hear it

One to One Training 

Marianne Carr
HFE level 3 Specialist in Outdoor Training
HFE level 2 Gym Instructor
Outdoor Team Training 
Marianne brings her passion and vitality for fitness and uses this in her own brand of fitness camp and unique training style.  Her focus is on enjoyment and fun whilst at the same time remaining committed to ensuring safe and effective workouts. 
Marianne is available for One to One fitness training sessions that are tailored to ensure that you achieve your personal goals.  
Contact  us for an informal chat about your goals and how to achieve them

Outdoor Fitness Camps

At Macfitness we’ve designed an outdoor workout for people at all levels, 

We have training techniques to help you build a strong and supple body. It doesn't matter if you are a complete beginner or want a more experienced workout.  

You want to go far, we’ll get you there. 

You want to lose inches and keep active, then we can guarantee you success.

Pick and choose the sessions that you like, when it best fits your schedule.
Our emphasis is on motivation , encouragement and success,  our sessions are always run in an inclusive, fun and enjoyable way.

We are definitely not a traditional  boot camp. 

We are an all inclusive friendly team determined to make getting and keeping fit enjoyable and fun with guaranteed results.

With 9 sessions a week to choose from you can pick what best fits your schedule. 

And no contract , you can pick how you want to pay 

£5 per session for pay as you attend

£12  for 3 sessions per week

£69 for a 6 weeks programme 

Outdoor Fitness Camp

its never too late to be

who ever you want to be

The Rockingham Centre, Sheffield Rd, Hoyland, Barnsley S74 0PY 

Tel: 07739740406






Always wanted to run ?  

Learn to run from absolute beginner to 5 kilometres in 6 weeks

Safe track environment leading up to a final road run of 5k

£30 for a six week course

Contact us for course start dates.

Zero to 5k in 6 weeks

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